Gallery Cafe

A charming restaurant housed in a structure which was the former office of the world renowned Sri Lankan architect, the Late Geoffrey Bawa. Walk through the art gallery featuring regularly changing exhibitions by established and emerging local artists.  It is particularly known for its cocktails and desserts as wells as its consistently good food. Open 10am-Midnight.




Barefoot Cafe

The Barefoot cafe in a frangipani garden, serves the best fresh lime juice and calamari pasta on the island and the chocolate mousse is positively wicked. We have live jazz at lunch time on most Sundays.




Old Colombo Dutch Hospital

The Colombo Dutch Hospital is considered to be the oldest building in the Colombo Fort area dating back to the Dutch colonial era in Sri Lanka. It is now a heritage building and a shopping and dining precinct with restaurants like Ministry of Crab, W.I.P. and Harpo's Cafe.




Hotel De Pilawoos

Hotel de Pilawoos, a 24-hour restaurant on Galle road, Colombo, with a parent branch at Colombo Fort, has become over the space of over thirty years the de facto location for kothu (popular type of local street food) among the Colombo crowd. It is a must for those of you who are ready to dive into our local street food and culture.




Palmyrah Restaurant In Hotel Renuka

Hotel Renuka can boast of one truly world-class restaurant in Palmyrah. Palmyrah is well known as one of the best, if not best Sri Lankan food restaurants in the world! It is ideal if you want to treat yourself to fine dining, while still immersing in local culture and cuisine.